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About Invoicemart

We are transforming the way small businesses fund their growth

A business needs quick cash to grow smoothly – small businesses, even more so. However, growth of small businesses in India is currently constrained by the lack of liquid funds. The need of the hour is a solution which lets MSMEs unlock working capital without the hassle of applying for loans. A solution which gives MSMEs control over their financial health and enables them to focus on growing their business.

To facilitate this, the Reserve Bank of India has launched the TReDS (Trade Receivables Discounting System) initiative. A.TREDS Ltd., a joint venture between Axis Bank and mjunction services, is an entity approved by the RBI to operate its TReDS platform. The platform is named “Invoicemart”.

Invoicemart is a digital platform which connects MSME suppliers (sellers) and their corporate buyers to multiple financiers. It enables sellers to sell their invoices to financiers, thus unlocking working capital quickly, without impacting their relationship with buyers.

Invoicemart can integrate seamlessly with buyers’ existing ERP systems, allowing them to streamline their payments to their vendors. This results in a healthier supply chain and an improved business ecosystem which benefits not only suppliers, but also large buyers.



A.TREDS is a joint venture of Axis Bank and mjunction services


Axis Bank is India’s third largest private bank with over INR 5.25 lakh crore in assets, growing at a CAGR of 17% (2011-16). It offers a wide range of services to retail, corporate and SME customers. Axis Bank has received numerous awards over the years, including the “Best Performing Private Bank 2016”, “Bank of the Year in India 2016” and “Best Domestic Bank in India 2016”, to name a few.


mjunction is the largest e-marketplace for steel in the world, and also India’s largest e-commerce company. A 50:50 venture promoted by Tata Steel and SAIL, mjunction has transacted over INR 4.22 lakh crore till date. It has been hailed by several organizations as being responsible for bringing transparency to auctioning of steel and coal, and has received various awards for innovation and social responsibility.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

  • Mr. V Srinivasan

  • Mr. Kalyan Basu

    Managing Director & CEO
  • Mr. Jairam Sridharan

  • Mr. Himadri Chatterjee

  • Mr. Dipak Banerjee

  • Mr. Pankaj Mittal

  • Mr. Rakesh Makhija

  • Mr. Vinaya Varma