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  • Improved Cash Flows

    Invoicemart helps you unlock your working capital and get paid within 48 hours of selling an invoice

  • Reduced Cost of Funds

    You leverage your buyer’s credit profile, thus ensuring significantly lower interest rates

  • Best Interest Rates

    Invoicemart gives you access to multiple financiers at one place, thus ensuring you get the most competitive rate of interest

  • No Debt, No Collateral

    With Invoicemart, you get paid for your receivables, thus you do not take any debt on your books and do not need any additional collateral

  • Streamlined Vendor Payments

    Invoicemart settles all transactions seamlessly, so you don't have to manage multiple vendor payments

  • Seamless ERP Integration

    Invoicemart can integrate with your ERP systems, significantly reducing processing time

  • Improved Procurement

    Empowering your sellers to receive quick payments improves your relationship with them and enables you to get better procurement terms

  • Flexible Payment Terms

    Invoicemart enables you to get flexible repayment terms, thus helping you manage your payables better

  • PSL Accreditation

    Transactions taking place through TReDS shall be eligible for classification under Priority Sector Lending as per RBI Circular "RBI/2016-17/37"

  • Expansion of Business

    Invoicemart gives you access to top rated corporates and their MSME suppliers on a single platform

  • Easy Reconciliation

    Invoicemart provides customized reports and data extraction for easy reconciliation

  • Low Risk

    Buyers on Invoicemart are top rated, ensuring low risk of default


The Invoicemart Advantage

  • Business Expertise

    We are backed by one of India’s leading banks, with a proven track record in MSME lending

  • Technical Expertise

    We bring to you a state-of-the-art online platform, co-created with India’s largest online marketplace

  • Risk Management

    We boast of a strong risk and fraud management framework, backed by decades of experience of the founding organizations

  • Customer Service

    We inherit a legacy of trust and award-winning customer service

How it Works

How it Works